How To Craft A Glass Furnace In Palia?

Glass Furnace Palia

The Glass Furnace is a crafting station in Palia that allows players to create glass items, such as Glass Panes and Lightbulbs. Crafting a Glass Furnace in Palia is a straightforward process that requires reaching Furniture Making level 2 and acquiring the necessary materials. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to craft this valuable crafting station:

  • Reach Furniture Making level 2.
  • Purchase the Glass Furnace recipe from Tish, the Furniture Making Guild master in Kilima Village. The recipe costs 100 Gold.
  • Gather the required crafting materials:
    • 15 Stone Bricks: Crafted from 15 Stones obtained from mining nodes in Kilima Valley or Bahari Bay.
    • 2 Copper Bars: Smelted from 2 Copper Ore found in copper ore nodes across Kilima Valley.
    • 3 Ceramics: Crafted from 3 Clay, which can be found around Fisherman’s Lagoon or along the eastern coast of Kilima Valley.
    • 2 Flint:¬†Found by mining or as drops from various creatures.

Crafting the Glass Furnace:

  • Access the Worktable: Open your inventory and click on the Worktable icon.
  • Select the Glass Furnace Recipe: Locate the Glass Furnace recipe in the list of available recipes and click on it to open the crafting menu.
  • Place the Materials: Drag and drop the required materials from your inventory into the crafting slots.
  • Begin Crafting: Click on the “Craft” button to initiate the crafting process. The Glass Furnace will take approximately 2 minutes to be completed.

Placement and Usage:

  • Place the Glass Furnace: Once crafted, navigate to your house and select the “Build” mode. Choose the “Furniture” tab and drag and drop the Glass Furnace to your desired location.
  • Interact with the Glass Furnace: Approach the Glass Furnace and interact with it to access its crafting menu.
  • Select Glass Items to Craft: Choose Glass Panes or Lightbulbs from the available crafting options.
  • Provide Materials: Add the required materials for the selected item.
  • Initiate Crafting: Click on the “Craft” button to start the crafting process. Glass Panes take approximately 8 minutes to craft, while Lightbulbs take 12 minutes.

The Glass Furnace is now ready to use, allowing you to create aesthetically pleasing and functional glass items for your Palia home.

Glass Furnace Palia 1