How To Change View Distance Quality Remnant 2

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The View Distance Quality setting in Remnant 2 determines how far you can see in the game world, affecting not only the immersion but also the performance of your system. Whether you’re looking to extend your view to the farthest horizons or optimize the game for better performance, adjusting this setting can make a significant difference. This guide will take you through the steps to change the View Distance Quality in Remnant 2, allowing you to tailor your gaming experience to your preferences.

  1. Open Remnant 2: Launch the game to reach the Remnant 2 main screen.
  2. Access Settings: From the main screen, click on the ‘Settings’ option to enter the game’s comprehensive settings menu.
  3. Go to Video Tab: Within the settings, find and select the ‘Video’ tab to manage settings related to the game’s visuals.
  4. Modify View Distance Quality:
    • Locate the ‘View Distance Quality’ option within the Video settings.
    • Click on this feature to unveil a dropdown menu, then choose your preferred view distance level:
      • Potato: Opt for the most basic view distance, maximizing performance, especially on less capable systems.
      • Low: A step above Potato, offering a basic view distance while still prioritizing performance.
      • Medium: Choose Medium for a balanced approach with a reasonable view distance and performance.
      • High: Select High for an extended view distance, suitable if your system can handle more graphical processing.
      • Ultra: Go for Ultra to enjoy the maximum view distance, delivering the most immersive visual experience for high-end systems.

Adjusting the View Distance Quality in Remnant 2 allows you to control how far you can see in the game, helping to balance between an immersive visual experience and the performance of your system. With these simple steps, you can easily modify this setting to suit your gaming needs. Step back into the world of Remnant 2 and enjoy exploring with your customized view distance!