How To Change Shadow Quality Enshrouded

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Enhancing your gaming experience in Enshrouded can be as simple as adjusting the Shadow Quality setting. This setting plays a significant role in how shadows are rendered in the game, affecting both the visual depth and overall performance. Whether you’re looking for crisp, detailed shadows or seeking to boost game speed, understanding how to tweak the Shadow Quality is essential. This guide will provide you with easy steps to change the Shadow Quality in Enshrouded to suit your gaming setup.

  1. Open Enshrouded Main Screen: Start by launching Enshrouded on your device. The main screen is where you’ll begin adjusting your game settings.
  2. Click on Settings: From the main screen, find and select the ‘Settings’ option. This menu allows you to customize various aspects of your gaming experience.
  3. Access Display Settings: Within the Settings menu, choose the ‘Display’ option. This section is dedicated to settings that impact the game’s visual elements.
  4. Locate the Shadow Quality Option: Scroll through the display settings until you find the ‘Shadow Quality’ option. Shadow Quality affects how shadows look in the game, influencing both aesthetics and performance.
  5. Choose Your Preferred Setting: Select from the following Shadow Quality options:
    • Max Quality: Offers the highest level of shadow detail, ideal for high-end systems focused on visual fidelity.
    • Quality: Provides high-quality shadows with a slightly lower performance demand.
    • Balanced: A middle-ground setting that offers a reasonable balance between shadow detail and game performance.
    • Performance: Optimizes for game speed, reducing shadow detail to enhance overall performance.

Adjusting the Shadow Quality in Enshrouded can transform your gaming experience, providing either visually rich environments or a performance-optimized setup. By following these simple steps, you can find the perfect shadow setting to match your preferences and system capabilities. Dive back into Enshrouded and enjoy the game with your ideal visual settings!