How To Craft A Repair Station In Palia?

Repair Station Palia

The Repair Station in Palia is an essential tool for keeping your adventuring gear in top condition. It allows you to repair your tools using Repair Kits, ensuring they remain effective throughout your adventures. Crafted by players upon reaching Mining Level 4, the Repair Station serves as a convenient repair hub within your home plot, eliminating the need to travel to designated repair locations.

To craft a Repair Station in Palia:

  • Reach Level 4 in Mining:
    • The Repair Station is a craftable item that requires Mining Level 4 to unlock. You can earn Mining XP by mining stone and ores around Kilima Village and Bahari Bay.
  • Obtain the Repair Station Recipe:
    • Once you have reached Mining Level 4, you can purchase the Repair Station recipe from Hodari, a NPC blacksmith located in Bahari Bay Stables or Kilima Village. The recipe costs 500 Gold.
  • Gather the Required Materials:
    • To craft the Repair Station, you will need the following materials:
      • 10 Copper Bars
      • 6 Stone Bricks

You can obtain Copper Bars by smelting Copper Ore, which you can find in various locations around Palia. Stone Bricks can be crafted from Stone, which you can gather from rocks and cliffs.

Craft the Repair Station:

Once you have all the required materials, follow these steps to craft the Repair Station:

  1. Open your Crafting Station.
  2. Select the “Workshop” tab.
  3. Scroll down to the “Repair Station” recipe and click on it.
  4. Confirm that you have the required materials and click on “Craft.”
  5. The Repair Station will be added to your inventory.

Once you have crafted the Repair Station, you can place it in your house or plot. To repair your tools, simply interact with the Repair Station and select the tool you want to repair. You can also use Repair Kits to repair your tools.