How To Change Damage To Structure Multiplier Palworld

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In Palworld, structures play a significant role in your survival and progress. The Damage To Structure Multiplier setting determines the amount of damage your buildings and other structures can withstand from various threats, including environmental hazards and enemy attacks. Adjusting this multiplier can change the durability and resilience of your structures, affecting your overall strategy for building and defending them. This guide will help you modify the Damage To Structure Multiplier in your Palworld game world to suit your gameplay preferences.

  1. Open Palworld Main Screen: Launch Palworld. Once the game has loaded and you are on the main screen, you are ready to start adjusting your game settings.
  2. Click on Start Game: On the main screen, find and click the ‘Start Game’ button. This will open a list of your game worlds.
  3. Select Your World: Choose the world where you want to change the Damage To Structure Multiplier. Be sure to select the correct world if you have multiple.
  4. Click Change World Settings: After selecting your world, click on the ‘Change World Settings’ option. This allows you to access and modify settings specific to that world.
  5. Click Custom Settings: In the world settings menu, go to ‘Custom Settings’. This section includes advanced customization options, such as the Damage To Structure Multiplier.
  6. Locate the Damage To Structure Multiplier Option: Find the ‘Damage To Structure Multiplier’ option within Custom Settings. You can adjust this setting between 0.5 and 3, where:
    • Lower values (around 0.5): Reduce the damage that your structures receive, making them more durable and less prone to destruction.
    • Higher values (up to 3): Increase the vulnerability of your structures, making them more susceptible to damage and requiring more strategic defense and maintenance.
  7. Adjust the Multiplier: Choose a value that matches your desired level of challenge and gameplay style. Consider how this setting will impact your approach to building and defending your structures.
  8. Click OK: After setting your desired Damage To Structure Multiplier, click ‘OK’ to save and apply the changes to your game world.

Changing the Damage To Structure Multiplier in Palworld allows you to customize the resilience of your buildings and other structures, adding a personalized touch to your gameplay strategy. Whether you prefer a more forgiving building experience or a challenging one that tests your defensive skills, adjusting this setting can significantly enhance your gameplay.