How To Change Structure Deterioration Rate Palworld

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In Palworld, maintaining your structures is an important part of the gameplay experience. The Structure Deterioration Rate setting determines how quickly your buildings and constructions degrade over time. This aspect of the game can greatly influence your strategy for building, maintenance, and resource management. Whether you prefer a more realistic experience with faster deterioration or a more relaxed gameplay with structures that last longer, adjusting this rate can significantly affect your game. This guide will show you how to change the Structure Deterioration Rate in your Palworld game world.

  1. Open Palworld Main Screen: Start by launching Palworld. Once the game has loaded, you’ll be at the main screen where you can access various settings.
  2. Click on Start Game: On the main screen, look for the ‘Start Game’ button and click on it. This will take you to your list of available game worlds.
  3. Select Your World: Choose the world in which you want to adjust the Structure Deterioration Rate. If you have multiple worlds, make sure to select the right one.
  4. Click Change World Settings: After selecting your world, click on the ‘Change World Settings’ option. This will open the settings menu for that specific world.
  5. Click Custom Settings: In the world settings menu, go to ‘Custom Settings’. This section allows you to access advanced customization options, including the Structure Deterioration Rate.
  6. Locate the Structure Deterioration Rate Option: Find the ‘Structure Deterioration Rate’ option within Custom Settings. You can adjust this rate between 0 and 10, where:
    • Lower values (closer to 0): Slow down the rate of structural deterioration, making your buildings last longer without needing frequent repairs.
    • Higher values (up to 10): Increase the deterioration rate, adding a challenge as structures will require more regular maintenance and repair.
  7. Adjust the Rate: Select a rate that aligns with your preferred gameplay style. If you enjoy the aspect of building maintenance and resource management, a higher value will add to that challenge. For a more laid-back building experience, choose a lower value.
  8. Click OK: After setting your preferred Structure Deterioration Rate, click ‘OK’ to save and implement the changes in your game world.

Customizing the Structure Deterioration Rate in Palworld allows you to control how often you need to engage in maintenance and repairs, tailoring the game to your liking. Whether you’re looking for a realistic building experience or a more casual approach, adjusting this setting can significantly enhance your gameplay.