How To Build Shoddy Bed In Palworld

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Building a shoddy bed in Palworld is a crucial step in ensuring your Pals’ well-being and happiness. A comfortable bed provides a safe haven for your Pals to rest and recharge, preventing them from becoming stressed or even dying. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to construct a shoddy bed in Palworld:


  1. Reach Player Level 3: To unlock the blueprint for the shoddy bed, you must first reach Player Level 3. This can be achieved by performing various tasks, such as battling enemies, collecting resources, and exploring the game world.

Gathering Materials:

  1. Wood: Wood is the primary material required for the shoddy bed. You can gather it from fallen trees lying on the ground or by chopping down trees using an axe. Axes are the most efficient tools for collecting wood, but you can also use other weapons or even your fists if necessary.
  2. Fiber: Fiber is another essential component of the shoddy bed. It can be obtained by breaking down trees with any tool or weapon. Axes are still the most efficient choice, but other options are viable as well.
  3. Wool: Wool is the final ingredient for the shoddy bed and serves as the bedding material. You can acquire Wool by defeating or capturing Pals that naturally produce it, such as Lamballs. These Pals are commonly found in the Plateau of Beginnings, where you begin your adventure.

Constructing the Shoddy Bed:

  1. Unlock Shoddy Bed Blueprint: Open your Inventory and navigate to the Technology tab. Locate the “Shoddy Bed” blueprint and spend the required Technology Points (3 points) to unlock it.
  2. Assemble Bed: Once you have the blueprint, open the Building Wheel and select the “Infrastructure” tab. Locate the “Shoddy Bed” recipe and choose a suitable location to construct the bed.
  3. Place Materials: Place the necessary materials – 20 Wood, 5 Fiber, and 1 Wool – into the designated slots within the building interface.
  4. Finalize Construction: Once all materials are in place, confirm the construction of the shoddy bed. The bed will now be available for your Pals to use for rest and relaxation.

Crafting Cost:

Shoddy Bed Palworld