How To Build Straw Pal Bed In Palworld

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To build a Straw Pal Bed in Palworld, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Unlock the Straw Pal Bed Blueprint

The Straw Pal Bed blueprint is unlocked at Player Level 10. You can unlock it by spending Technology Points in the Technology menu. Technology Points are earned by completing quests and defeating wild Pals.

2. Gather the Required Materials

The Straw Pal Bed requires the following materials:

  • 10 Wood
  • 5 Fiber
  • 2 Straw

You can gather Wood by cutting down trees. Fiber can be obtained by breaking down trees with an axe or by harvesting it from plants. Straw can be found in the wild or crafted from crops.

3. Open the Building Wheel

To access the building wheel, press the left shoulder button on your controller. The wheel will display a list of all the structures you can build.

4. Select the Infrastructure Tab

Scroll down to the Infrastructure tab and select the Straw Pal Bed blueprint.

5. Choose a Location

Select a flat area where you want to place the bed. The bed needs a Foundation and a Roof in order to be built.

6. Build the Straw Pal Bed

Press the A button to confirm your selection and begin building the bed. Your Pals may assist you in the construction process if they have the Handiwork Skill.

7. Place the Straw Pal Bed

Once the bed is built, it will be placed on the Foundation. Your Pals will be able to use the bed to sleep and restore their Sanity.

Remember to provide enough Straw Pal Bed for all your Pals to have a comfortable place to sleep. Ensure your Pals have a safe and secure environment to rest and recharge, as their well-being is crucial for their optimal performance and overall happiness in Palworld.

Crafting cost:

Straw Pal Bed