How To Build Primitive Furnace In Palworld

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Building a Primitive Furnace in Palworld is an essential step in crafting advanced tools and weapons. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to construct and operate this essential crafting station:

Gather Materials:

  1. Flame Organ: Acquire a Flame Organ, a crucial component for powering the furnace. These organs can be obtained by defeating Fire Foxparks, a fire-type Pal that can be found in the wild.
  2. Kindling: Collect Kindling, a fuel source used to keep the furnace burning. Kindling can be harvested from trees, bushes, or by using a Wood Pal to gather wood scraps.

Craft the Primitive Furnace:

  1. Open Inventory: Access your inventory by pressing the corresponding key or button.
  2. Select Crafting Tab: Switch to the Crafting tab to view the available crafting options.
  3. Choose Primitive Furnace Recipe: Select the Primitive Furnace recipe from the list of crafting options.
  4. Verify Materials: Ensure you have the required materials: 1 Flame Organ and 10 Kindling.
  5. Confirm Crafting: Click the confirmation button to initiate the crafting process.

Deploy the Primitive Furnace:

  1. Move to Base: Navigate to your base or a designated crafting area.
  2. Open Base Menu: Open the base menu by interacting with the base panel or pressing the corresponding key or button.
  3. Select Primitive Furnace: Locate the Primitive Furnace item in the base menu.
  4. Deploy Furnace: Click the deployment button to place the furnace on the ground.

Operating the Primitive Furnace:

  1. Deploy Fire Pal: Place a Fire Foxpark near the Primitive Furnace.
  2. Add Ore: Deposit the ore you want to smelt into the furnace’s input slot.
  3. Wait for Smelting: The Fire Foxpark will use its flame to smelt the ore into ingots.
  4. Collect Ingots: Once the smelting process is complete, the ingots will be automatically deposited in the output slot.


  • Maintain a steady supply of Kindling to keep the furnace burning.
  • Place multiple Fire Foxparks near the furnace for faster smelting.
  • Use high-quality ore for better-quality ingots.

By following these steps and utilizing your Fire Foxparks effectively, you’ll be able to craft high-grade ingots for crafting advanced tools and weapons in Palworld.

Crafting cost:

Primitive Furnace Palworld