How To Build Hot Spring In Palworld

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The quest to build a hot spring in Palworld is a relatively simple one, but it does require you to gather a few specific materials. Here’s a breakdown of the quest and the materials you’ll need:


  • Palladium Fragment: This can be found by mining with a Stone Pickaxe.
  • Pal Fluids: These can be collected from Water Pals by using a Bucket.
  • Cement: This can be crafted by combining Bones (from Rushoar Pals) and Pal Fluids in a Workbench.
  • High Quality Workbench: This requires 10 Ingots, which can be crafted by smelting Ore in a Primitive Furnace.
  • Primitive Furnace: This requires 10 Stones, which can be found in the wild.
  • Flame Organ:┬áThis can be obtained from Foxparks Pals.


  1. Gather Palladium Fragment: Locate an area with Palladium deposits and use a Stone Pickaxe to mine them.
  2. Collect Pal Fluids: Find Water Pals and use a Bucket to collect their fluids.
  3. Craft Cement: Combine Bones and Pal Fluids in a Workbench to create Cement.
  4. Build High Quality Workbench: With 10 Ingots, craft a High Quality Workbench using the Workbench menu.
  5. Build Primitive Furnace: Gather 10 Stones and construct a Primitive Furnace using the Workbench menu.
  6. Obtain Flame Organ: Defeat Foxparks Pals and collect Flame Organs from their defeated bodies.
  7. Build Hot Spring: Place the Palladium Fragment, Cement, High Quality Workbench, Primitive Furnace, and Flame Organ in the desired location and build the Hot Spring using the Workbench menu.

Once the hot spring is constructed, your Pals will be able to enjoy it and relax.

Once you have placed all of the materials, the hot spring will be built. You can now relax and enjoy your new hot spring with your Pals!

Tips for building a hot spring in Palworld:

  • Choose a location that is flat and free of obstacles.
  • Make sure the hot spring is accessible to your Pals.
  • You can add decorations to your hot spring,┬ásuch as plants or rocks.

Crafting Cost:

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