How to Build Logging Site In Palworld

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A Logging Site is a structure in the game Palworld that allows players to gather wood automatically. It is one of the most important structures in the game, as wood is a vital resource for crafting various items and building structures.

To build a Logging Site in Palworld:

  1. Reach Base Level 6. You can increase your Base Level by completing tasks such as catching Pals, gathering resources, and constructing buildings. Once you reach Base Level 6, you will be able to unlock the Logging Site technology.
  2. Spend 2 Palworld Technology Points (TP). TP can be obtained by completing various tasks in the game, including catching Pals, unlocking fast travel points, and defeating bosses. To unlock the Logging Site, you will need to spend 2 TP at the Technology Workshop.
  3. Obtain the required resources. To construct a Logging Site, you will need the following resources:
  • Palladium Fragment x10
  • Stone x20
  • Wood x50

You can gather these resources by exploring the world of Palworld, chopping down trees, and mining stone.

  1. Place the Logging Site in your base. Once you have the required resources, open your construction menu and select the Logging Site. Place it on an open area of your base.
  2. Assign a Pal to operate the Logging Site. Any Pal with the Lumbering skill can operate the Logging Site. When you assign a Pal to the site, they will automatically start chopping down trees and producing wood.

Tips for building and using a Logging Site in Palworld:

  • Place the Logging Site near a source of water. This will make it easier for your Pal to transport the wood to your base.
  • Assign a Pal with a high Lumbering skill to the Logging Site. This will increase the amount of wood they produce per hour.
  • Use the Logging Site in combination with other resource-producing buildings. This will help you gather resources more efficiently.

With a little effort, you can easily build and maintain a Logging Site in Palworld. This will help you to gather wood quickly and easily, allowing you to progress through the game more effectively.

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