How To Build Stone Pit In Palworld

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Building a Stone Pit in Palworld is a crucial step in establishing a sustainable base and acquiring essential crafting materials. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to construct and utilize this valuable structure:


  1. Reach Base Level 7: The Stone Pit blueprint is unlocked at Base Level 7, so ensure you’ve progressed far enough in the game to access it.
  2. Gather Materials: To craft the Stone Pit, you’ll need 20 Wood and 10 Stone. These materials can be obtained through exploration, harvesting trees, or mining ore nodes.
  3. Unlock Technology Points: To purchase the Stone Pit blueprint, you’ll need 2 Technology Points. These points are earned through base upgrades, completing missions, and capturing Pals.

Construction Process:

  1. Access Technology Tree: Open your inventory and select the Technology tab.
  2. Locate Stone Pit Blueprint: Scroll down the Technology tree until you find the Stone Pit blueprint.
  3. Spend Technology Points: Click on the Stone Pit blueprint and then confirm the purchase using 2 Technology Points.
  4. Access Production Tab: Once you have the blueprint, return to your base and open the Production tab.
  5. Locate Stone Pit Option: Find the Stone Pit option within the Production tab.
  6. Place and Construct: Select the Stone Pit icon and place it on an empty space within your base. Hold down the build button until the construction is complete. You can also have your Pals assist in the construction process.

Utilizing the Stone Pit:

  1. Assign a Mining Pal: Once constructed, the Stone Pit will require a Pal with mining capabilities to operate. Pals like Digtoise and Mammorest are suitable for this task.
  2. Assign to Stone Pit: Select the Pal you want to assign and then click on the Stone Pit. The Pal will automatically be assigned to the structure.
  3. Stone Production: The assigned Pal will continuously mine stones from the surrounding area, providing a steady supply of this essential resource.

Additional Tips:

  1. Enhance Productivity: You can enhance the Stone Pit’s productivity by upgrading it using the Technology tree. This will increase the mining rate and stone yield.
  2. Automate Production: To fully automate stone production, you can build multiple Stone Pits and assign multiple Pals to each. This will ensure a continuous supply of stones without manual intervention.
  3. Strategic Placement: Consider placing Stone Pits near natural stone deposits to maximize efficiency and reduce the need for your Pals to travel long distances.

By following these steps and utilizing the Stone Pit effectively, you’ll establish a reliable source of stones, enabling you to progress further in Palworld’s crafting and building endeavors.

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