How To Adjust ADS Sensitivity PUBG Battlegrounds

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ADS sensitivity in PUBG Battlegrounds affects how quickly your aim moves while you are looking through a sight or scope. This setting is critical for players who want to achieve precise aiming and shooting accuracy. Different players prefer different levels of sensitivity; some may need a lower sensitivity for more controlled and steady aim, while others may prefer higher sensitivity for quicker adjustments. Finding the right ADS sensitivity is key to enhancing your shooting performance in the game.

  1. Open PUBG Battlegrounds Main Screen: Start the game and wait until the main screen appears. This is the initial interface you encounter after the game boots up.
  2. Access System Menu: In the top right corner of the main screen, locate the settings icon. Click on this icon to access the System Menu, which houses various game settings.
  3. Enter Settings: In the System Menu, find and click on ‘Settings’. This will open the main settings menu of the game.
  4. Go to Controls: Within the settings menu, select the ‘Controls’ tab. This section lets you customize various control settings.
  5. Navigate to Mouse Sensitivity: Click on the ‘Mouse Sensitivity’ option within the Controls settings. This will lead you to the settings where you can adjust aspects of mouse control.
  6. Adjust ADS Sensitivity Setting: In the Mouse Sensitivity settings, locate the ‘ADS Sensitivity’ option. Here, you can adjust the sensitivity level for aiming down sights. Use the slider to increase or decrease the sensitivity to your preference. This setting will affect how quickly your aim moves while using sights or scopes.
  7. Apply the Changes: After setting the ADS sensitivity to your desired level, remember to click on the ‘Apply’ button to save your settings. Your new ADS sensitivity setting will now be active in the game.

Fine-tuning your ADS sensitivity in PUBG Battlegrounds can significantly improve your aiming accuracy and overall shooting performance. A well-adjusted ADS sensitivity allows for smoother and more precise control when aiming down sights, which can be a deciding factor in critical in-game moments. Experiment with different sensitivity levels to find the one that aligns best with your aiming style and enhances your gameplay experience in PUBG Battlegrounds.