Craft crafting materials in Workbench In Undawn

Workbench In Undawn

There are many different items that you can craft in the Workbench in Undawn, including weapons, armor, drones, and other tools and equipment. Ultimately, the best items to craft in the Workbench will depend on your individual playstyle and needs. Consider what kind of weapons and armor you prefer to use, as well as what other tools and equipment will be most helpful to you on your journey. Here you find a list over the crafting materials in the workbench to craft other items:

Crafting material in workbench

Materials: Character Level Required:Read more:
Grease 1GreaseLevel 1Click here
Iron Alloy 1Iron AlloyLevel 10Click here
Wooden Board 2Wooden BoardLevel 10Click here
Cotton Fabric 2Cotton Fabric Level 10Click here
Crude Leather 1Crude LeatherLevel 10Click here
Plywood BoardPlywood BoardLevel 20Click here
flax Flannel 1Flax FlannelLevel 20Click here
Normal Leather 1Normal LeatherLevel 20Click here
Copper Alloy 1Copper AlloyLevel 20Click here
Thermoplastic Coating 1Thermoplastic CoatingLevel 20Click here
Hard Aluminum Alloy 1Hard Aluminum AlloyLevel 40Click here
Chemical Fiber Cloth 1Chemical Fiber ClothLevel 40Click here
Premium Leather 1Premium LeatherLevel 40Click here
Ionized Coating 1Ionized Coating Level 40Click here
FiberboardFiberboardLevel 60
Soft LeatherSoft LeatherLevel 60
Polyester ClothPolyester ClothLevel 60
Tin AlloyTin AlloyLevel 60
Solid Solution CoatingSolid Solution CoatingLevel 60
thermoplastic BoardThermoplastic BoardLevel 80
Tough LeatherTough LeatherLevel 80
Nylon ClothNylon ClothLevel 80
Titanium AlloyTitanium AlloyLevel 80
Nano CoatingNano CoatingLevel 80
Carbon Fiber BoardCarbon Fiber BoardLevel 90
Renewable LeatherRenewable LeatherLevel 90
Carbon Fiber ClothCarbon Fiber ClothLevel 90
Chromite AlloyChromite AlloyLevel 90
Crystal CoatingCrystal CoatingLevel 90