How to craft Thermoplastic Coating in Undawn

Thermoplastic Coating is a equipment modification material (Lv. 2) Purpose: Use it to modify equipment (Lv. 30-49). Thermoplastic Coating is a high-quality material that can be used to upgrade armor and weapons. It can also be used to craft a variety of other items, such as vehicle parts and electronic components.

You will need to use a workbench. Go to your home base and interact with the workbench

Go to your workbench.
Click on the “Armor” or “Weapons” tab.
Scroll down to the “Thermoplastic Coating” recipe and click on it.
Make sure you have the required materials in your inventory.
Click on the “Craft” button.

Materials to craft Thermoplastic Coating

Plywood Board1
Copper Alloy1
Flax Flannel1
Normal Leather1
lonic Membrane4
Thermoplastic Coating in Undawn
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