How to craft Cotton Fabric in Undawn

Cotton Fabric is a basic material that is used in a variety of crafting recipes in Undawn. It can be used to make clothing, furniture, and even some weapons and tools. Cotton Plants can be found in the wild in the forests, Meadows and Plains. When you craft Cotton Fabric, you craft

To craft Cotton Fabric, follow these steps:

To craft Cotton Fabric, you will need to use a workbench. Go to your home base and interact with the workbench
– Go to a workbench.
– Select the “Crafting” tab.
– Go to the “Attribute Supplies” section.
– Select the “Cotton Fabric” recipe.
– Click the “Craft” button.

Materials to craft Cotton Fabric

Plant Fiber20
Iron Ore4
Common Flaxseed5
Common Flax Fibers3
Cotton Fabric
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