Who Is Imposter? Level 21-40 Answers

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Level 21 – Who stole her smartwatch?
– Tap on her phone and click find my watch

Level 22 – Who is hungry?
– Tap on the computer and order the menu

Level 23 – Find the Crystal ball
– Move the white circle to find the crystal ball.

Level 24 – Who is cheating in the game?
– Turn the woman around

Level 25 – Match emoji for best match!
– Drag lines to the things that match

Level 26 – Find 5 hidden things.
– The first one is in the mirror
– Second one is in the hair
– The third is in the laundry basket
– The last one is the sun.

Level 27 – Who is an evil witch?
– Drag the mirror to the princesses to find the witch.

Level 28 – Help the mice get the tomato!
– Make a line down to the mice.

Level 28 – Help the cat escape
– Move the pink one and then move the two purple ones.

Level 30 – Who is the girl’s lover with the phone?
– Click on the phone and then click on another phone

Level 31 – Who is a culprit?
– Click on the woman’s purse, then you find the poison.

Level 32 – Where is the chick?
– Move the white circle to find the chick.

Level 33 – Who drank all the milk in the bottle?
– Take the magnifying glass to the bottle – Answer is A

Level 34 – Clean the window!
– Drag the yellow square around to clean the window

Level 35 – Match emoji for best match!
– Christmas tree – present
– Pipette – Blood
– Train – Railway tracks

Level 36 – Who is a werewolf?
– Remove the curtain

Level 37 – Who is lying?
– Remove the scarf on the boy

Level 38 – Help the cat escape.
– Remove the two red ones, then let the yellow cat escape

Level 39 – Who is the real painter?
– Remove the colors from the paintings, then you find the real one.

Level 40 – Who is her husband?
– Click on the photos on the wall, to find the husband.

Who Is Imposter? Level 21-40 Answers