Comics Bob Level 1-5 Answers

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Level 1 –
Take the club or spray can?
– Answer: Spray can.

Take the Hairdryer or umbrella?
– Answer: Umbrella

Level 2 –
Take the stone or lasso?
– Answer: Lasso

Take the lighter or burner?
– Answer: Lighter

Level 3 –
Take the stone sling or balloon?
– Answer: Balloon.

Take the wooden stick or rope?
– Answer: Rope.

Take the signal horn or hair trimmer?
– Answer: Hair trimmer.

Level 4 –
Take the watering can or coffee?
– Answer: Watering can

Take the comb or stone axe?
– Answer: Comb.

Take the scissors or phone?
– Answer: Phone.

Level 5 –
Take the big scissors or stone?
– Answer: Stone.

Take the rope or key?
– Answer: Rope.

Take the axe or mouse?
– Answer: Mouse.