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Level 6 –
Take the wooden stick or rocket?
– Answer: Wooden stick

Take the way up or down?
– Answer: Down

Take the Pickaxe or dynamite?
– Answer: Pickaxe

Level 7 –
Take the mouse or meat?
– Answer: Mouse

Take the frog or ladder?
– Answer: Frog

Take the torch or flower?
– Answer: Flower

Level 8 –
Take the brush or stone axe?
– Answer: Brush

Take his clothes or the drinking straw?
– Answer: The drinking straw

Take the coffee or a kiss?
– Answer: Coffee

Level 9 –
Take the apple or the stick?
– Answer: Stick

Take the jar lid or the sticks?
– Answer: The sticks

Take the salat or the knife?
– Answer: Knife

Level 10 –
Take the old sock or worm?
– Answer: Worm

Take the bluefish or redfish?
– Answer: Bluefish.