Comics Bob Level 11-19 Answers

Level 11 –
Take the wooden stick or the bush?
– Answer: The bush

Take the yellow tail or the green tail?
– Answer: The green tail

Level 12 –
Choose a hairstyle.
– Answer: just take one

Choose some clothes.
– Answer: just take one

Is the look okay?
– Answer: Yes

Level 13 –
Choose the fan or the car?
– Answer: The car

Choose stone axe or the pillow?
– Answer: Stone axe

Choose the bird or the bow?
– Answer: The bird

Level 14 –
Choose the skateboard or scooters?
– Answer: Scooter

Choose the rope or plank?
– Answer: Rope

Choose the dumdbell or fishing pole?
– Answer: Dumdbell

Level 15 –
Choose the lighter or the tail?
– Answer: Lighter

Choose the axe or the club?
– Answer: The axe

Choose a crowbar or a mask?
– Answer: Mask

Level 16 –
Choose a headset or a stone axe?
– Answer: Headset

Choose a basketball or ice cubes?
– Answer: ice cubes

Choose a scissor or spaceship?
– Answer: scissor

Level 17 –
Choose a magnet or a snake?
– Answer: Snake

Choose a box or a banana?
– Answer: Box

Choose the red rope or blue rope?
– Answer: Red rope

Level 18 –
Choose to fly or a balloon?
– Answer: Balloon

Choose chilli or a trampoline?
– Answer: Chilli

Choose an apple or spaceship?
– Answer: Spaceship

Level 19 –
Choose rope or a stick?
– Answer: Stick

Choose soda or a brick?
– Answer: Soda

Choose ear warmer or a brush?
– Answer: Brush

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