Who Is Imposter? Level 1-20 Answers

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Level 1 – Who is her husband?
– Tap on the left man’s ring, then choose A.

Level 2 – Who is the owner of the smartphone?
– Tap on the smartphone, then you have the answer.

Level 3 – Who is not a zombie?
– Remove the box from the ground.

Level 4 – Who is fake pregnant?
– Take the scanner and place it on the woman to see who is pregnant.

Level 5 – Where is my black cat?
– Move the white circle to find the black cat.

Level 6 – Who is a vampire?
– Drag the moon below to find who is the vampire.

Level 7 – Who is not a statue?
– Drag the red feather near all the statue noses to find who is not a statue.

Level 8 – Who is her true love?
– Drag them all over to the princess, to find her true love.

Level 9 – Who is a genius?
– Tap on all the apples, they will fall down.

Level 10 – Find 3 hidden things.
– Find the 3 things – Juice is on top – Banana on the second shelf to the left – sausage on the third shelf in the middle

Level 11 – Who owns this dog?
– Drag the dog food to each person to see who owns the dog

Level 12 – Who is a culprit?
– Click on the coffee straw and the hair,  to find the culprit.

Level 13 – Who is the tallest?
– Remove the table, to find the tallest one.

Level 14 – Help the cat escape.
– Slice the blue one away, then the cat can escape.

Level 15 – Which dog destroyed the garden?
– Use the magnifying glass on the dog’s paws, to find the guilty one.

Level 16 – Draw lines or shapes to bump the balls.
– Draw a line to bump them together.

Level 17 – Who is playing pranks on the director?
– Click on the screen and unhide all the person and you will find who is playing pranks on the director.

Level 18 – Who is in the Pyramid?
– Try to place the pictures in the frame to find out – The answer is Pharaoh.

Level 19 – Who is a normal human?
– Tap the devil’s hand and tail, the last one is a normal human.

Level 20 – Find 4 hidden things.
– The flower is in the window – The carrot is in the picture – The apple is on the ground – The salt is on the table.

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