How To Get Padded Armor In Valheim?

How to unlock padded armor in Valheim?

You will unlock padded armor when you discovered iron and linen thread. Iron armor is the seventh-tier armor in Valheim. To craft padded armor you need to smelt Iron, then you can craft and upgrade the armor set in the forge. You also need a workbench to craft and upgrade the linen cape. There is a debuff with the padded armor set because it is heavy, padded greaves and padded cuirass give each -5% moment speed and a full padded armor set will give you -10% moment speed.

Padded armor will give you the best protection in the game, but you have to remember that you are slow so I will recommend a shield and a good one-hand weapon when you fight against enemies.

You can craft linen thread from flax and then use the spinning wheel. Flax are dropped by Fuling Village in the Plains biome.


Padded greaves – padded cuirass – padded helmet – linen cape

They all have the same durability, armor and forge level. Padded greaves and padded cuirass have the same crafting cost. The linen cape is a little different from the rest in crafting cost.

Crafting Padded greaves and padded cuirass:

Crafting Cost:10 Iron
20 Linen thread
3 Iron6 Iron9 Iron
Forge lvl2345

Crafting Padded helmet:

Crafting Cost:10 Iron
15 Linen thread
5 Iron10 Iron15 Iron
Forge lvl1234

Crafting Linen cape:

Crafting Cost:20 linen thread
1 silver
4 linen thread8 linen thread12 linen thread
Workbench lvl2345