Who Is Imposter? Level 181-199

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Who Is Imposter? Game Level 181-199

Level 181: Who is the fake teacher?
– Place each teacher at the board

Level 182: Solve this puzzle!
– Snow + man = Snowman

Level 183: Who is right?
– Click on the dish cloth and the broom

Level 184: Who is famous singer?
– Billie Eilish – drag the picture into the frame

Level 185: Who is an alien?
– Drag the hair off the woman

Level 186: Help the cat escape
– Drag every animal away, so the cat can escape

Level 187: Who is telling the truth?
– Click on the books, then click on the paper

Level 188: Escape the room
– Open the table, then place the magnifying glass over the white paper on the wall – code is: WOTE

Level 189: Who is jealous?
– Place the last girl behind the boy to the right

Level 190: Find 5 hidden things
– Ice – on the poster
– Paper – on the shelf
– Paper – On the computer screen
– Butterfly – In the girls hair
– Hat – on the boys head

Level 191: Who is a mermaid?
– Drag the water down

Level 192: Help the snake eat all fruits
– Drag the snake around to eat all the fruit

Level 193: Who is the most intelligent?
– Turn the box, then drag the cube around each person

Level 194: Sort the chicks by color
– Sort them by red, green, blue, yellow and purple

Level 195: Who is his wife?
– Click on his phone then click call

Level 196: Solve this puzzle!
– Bell + boy = Bellboy

Level 197: Who is lying?
– Click on the paper in the trash

Level 198: Who lives in the Forbidden City?
– The last one

Level 199: Who is cheating on the exam?
– Pull up the curtain

Level 200: Draw lines or shapes to bump the balls
– Drag a line so the balls bump together