Who Is Imposter? Level 161-180

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Who Is Imposter? Game Level 161-180

Level 161: Find 5 hidden things
– Soya – on the table
– Lime – in the water
– Round thing – on the chef back
– Sugar – left to the chef
– Smoke – Right side of the chef

Level 162: Who is his wife?
– Click on the box and find the woman who needs the shoe

Level 163: Help the snake eat all fruits
– Drag the snake around to all the fruit

Level 164: Which one is cake?
– Take the knife to the cakes

Level 165: Sort the dogs by color
– Place them in color: White, brown, yellow, and black/white

Level 166: Who is real Santa Claus?
– Place each Santa in the sled

Level 167: Solve the puzzle!
– Rain + bow = rainbow

Level 168: Where is the groom?
– Shake the fruit tree

Level 169: Who is Maleficent?
– The one to the left

Level 170: Who is the cowardice?
– Place the clown mask on the man

Level 171: Draw lines or shapes to bump the balls
– Draw the line so they bump together

Level 172: Which one is fake?
– Give them water then you find the fake one

Level 173: Help the mice get the tomato!
– Draw a line from the tomato to the mice

Level 174: Which one is a chick?
– Hold on to the eggs to find the chick

Level 175: Where is the sunglass?
– Drag the white circle around to find the sunglasses

Level 176: Which one is the white duck?
– Take the black color from one of them

Level 177: Help the cat escape
– Drag the animals around to help the cat

Level 178: Which one is not an ice cream?
– Remove the roof from the ice cream

Level 179: Help her cook!
– Click on the yellow list and place the kiwi, apple, and orange in the blender

Level 180: Fing 5 hidden things
– Can – on the stairs
– Paper – Left side of the stairs
– Backpack – right side of the stairs
– Snail – over the water
– Crab – Over the water next to the stairs