Brain Blow: Genius IQ Test Level 161-187

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Brain Blow: Genius IQ Test Level 161-187

Level 161: Find 3 fake cards
– Card: six, heart one and a king

Level 162: Solve the example
– Remove the football and cup then the answer is: 11

Level 163: Connect the dots into one line
– Start in the middle

Level 164: Light the match on the striker strip strip
– Drag the match to the text

Level 165: Inflate the balloon
– Click on the balloon some times

Level 166: Light the lamp!
– Zoom out the screen then connect the wire to plug

Level 167: Go through the maze
– Go through the maze

Level 168: Find the cat!
– Zoom ind and out

Level 169: How many phones can be charged at once?
– Answer: 11

Level 170: Rubik’s cube again. Twist and turn it so the numbers add up to 17
– Drag the number 4 down to number 5

Level 171: Heads or tails?
– But the button heads and tails together

Level 172: Mark the segments in order of ascension
– See the video

Level 173: Grow a flower
– Swift day by remove the sun and moon

Level 174: Finish drawing the tower!
– See the video

Level 175: Make the equation true
– 3+1 2+4 5 = 2+3+1+5 4

Level 176: Start the hour glass
– Turn your phone

Level 177: Help get the splinters out of the kitten
– Hold on the icecube to find the key, then open the medicine box to find the tweezers

Level 178: Solve the puzzle
– Place all the pieces in the square

Level 179: Put all the T-shaped figures on the board
– Click on them to turn them around

Level 180: Help the hamster squeeze into its hole!
– Click on the hamsters cheeks

Level 181: Find the left hand
– Slide to the right

Level 182: Find the Great Bear
– Drag the bear around until the mother bear comes

Level 183: Make some vegetable soup!
– Place everything except for the sock in the cooking pot

Level 184: Help the squirrel get its nut
– Take the little gears in the left corner and place it in the middle

Level 185: Feed the mouse
– Take the apple from the bobble and give it to the mouse

Level 186: Restart the game
– Tap on the restart level button found to the left of the skip level button

Level 187: Find the card which matches the first one below
– Find the matching card by turning the first card over and then swipe it to the side.