Brain Blow: Genius IQ Test Level 121-160

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Brain Blow: Genius IQ Test Level 121-160

Level 121: Open the cryptex lock
– Code is: SMART

Level 122: Enter the password
– Drag the word password down on the computer screen

Level 123: Win the rock
– Shake your phone 3 times to start the game, then play until you win

Level 124: Crack the safe
– Pay attention to the phone vibration. the closer you are to the right position of the dial ring the harder is the vibration

Level 125: Fill the glass with water
– Turn your phone

Level 126: Go through the maze
– Drag the ball direct to the exit sign

Level 127: Try to repeat the tune
– Repeat the right combination

Level 128: Move the cube closer to the green ball
– Use two fingers to turn it around

Level 129: Open the door
– Just click on the door

Level 130: Which glass has more water in it?
– Swipe to the right and find the glass

Level 131: How many squares are in the picture?
– Answer: 27

Level 132: Drive the ball in the green hole
– Turn your phone

Level 133: Turn this pyramid in 3 moves
– Move the far-right ball to the far left, and move the upper and lower left balls to the upper and lower right.

Level 134: Looks like one cog is missing. Make the ball fall from the shelf
– Take the word cog and place it to the combination

Level 135: Fill the glass with water again
– Break the glass, then the water runs into the glass

Level 136: Open the door one more time
– Take the key under the door blanket

Level 137: Can you put the bear in the box?
– Make the box bigger than placing the bear in it

Level 138: Where is the black sheep?
– Take the word black and place it on one of the sheeps

Level 139: Send the ciphered message
– Tap on each sign in the code

Level 140: The clock doesn’t go. Wind it up.
– Rotate your device 360 degrees

Level 141: How many squares you see in the screen?
– Answer: 14

Level 142: Find a car in the dark room
– Drag the lighting bulb into the room

Level 143: Help the hero reach the star!
– Jump then rotate the things with two fingers

Level 144: Count all the Christmas decorations
– Answer: Shake the tree and count: 12

Level 145: Help the truck cross the bridge
– Hold on the middle of the bridge while the truck passed

Level 146: Feed the crocodile!
– Move the red dots, then cut the meat down

Level 147: Place all the figures in the field so they don’t cross
– Tap on some of them to turn the way

Level 148: Type the maximal number
– Answer: 999

Level 149: Make the colors inside the square match the example
– Make the example bigger and place it over the other one

Level 150: Get the crystal!
– Take the box to the other side of the man, then open the two in the button

Level 151: Light the candle
– Drag the candle to the word light

Level 152: Tap 100 times
– Remove the first red circle, then tap on the other one time

Level 153: How many phones can be charged at once?
– Answer: 4

Level 154: Move the numbers to make an equation
– Answer: (8+4)/3=4 – Drag the number 4 from the level down

Level 155: Win the fight
– Press start

Level 156: Make a pizza
– Drag the pieces from the middle into each pizza to make them all into pizza.

Level 157: Help grandma across the street
– Drag the street behind the grandma

Level 158: How many leaves are on the tree?
– Shake your phone and count – Answer: 19

Level 159: Find number 9
– Tap on the number 9 in the question

Level160: Pick 4 apples
– Click on banana and write apple, then tap on each apple