Brain Blow: Genius IQ Test Level 81-120

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Brain Blow: Genius IQ Test Level 81-120

Level 81: Free the elephant!
– Take the key from the pot

Level 82: How many berries are in the picture?
– Answer: 5

Level 83: Write the word brain.

Level 84: Correct the equation
– Take a stisk and bit over the =

Level 85: Find coffee
– Tap on the word coffee.

Level 86: Which cube is unwrapped?
– Answer: 3

Level 87: Find the wrong die!
– To the right side in the middle

Level 88: Solve the equation!
– Turn the phone upside down and it will turn into 16=8+8.

Level 89: Which symbol can be put between 4 and 5 to get a number greater than 4, yet smaller than 5?
– Answer: A period, which makes it 4.5.

Level 90: Find the correct answer
– Answer: the last one = pig, drag a pig down there.

Level 91: Get the picture from the book
– Slide to the right, to get the picture

Level 92: Continue the sequence
– Answer: F

Level 93: Find the green color
– Mix yellow and blue then you get green

Level 94: Turn on the minimal number of faucets to make water run,
– Turn on the two to the right side

Level 95: Hit the target with all darts one more time!
– Make it bigger, then it is easy to hit the target

Level 96: What time is now?
– Check the time on your phone

Level 97: How many triangles are in the picture?
– Answer: 7

Level 98: Find all items in the picture
– Find all eleven items on the picture

Level 99: Protect the rocket and hold it down for 15 second.
– Hold on the rocket with a finger

Level 100: Get the crystal!
– Open to the right side, then you can open to the crystal

Level 101: Hit all pins with one strike!
– Make the ball bigger

Level 102: Make cards disappear
– Swipe in different directions on all of the cards after they are flipped over

Level 103: Select the biggest number
– Simply tap on the number with the smallest denominator (number at the bottom) before the five seconds runs out.

Level 104: Park the car
– Drive to the right and find a free parking

Level 105: Help the cat win!
– Swap places by the bird and the cat

Level 106: Can you get all the sweets?
– Take the rope out of the left hand and move it to the right hand

Level 107: Take the toy out of the bottle
– Make the teddy toy smaller, then take it out

Level 108: Hit the hole
– Place the ball in the hole

Level 109: Enter the password
– Zoom in on the talk bobble and find the answer: 748

Level 110: Fill up the glass
– Use two fingers to turn the teapot while holding it over the cup and angle it so that the water comes out

Level 111: Charge your phone
– Put your phone in a charger

Level 112: Find all items in the picture
– Find all twelve items in the picture

Level 113: Park the car
– Use the yellow pile to navigate to the parking spot

Level 114: Put the leg on the head
– Take the word leg and put over the word head

Level 115: Get to the end of the level
– Turn your phone

Level 116: Mom’s sleeping! Keep quiet!
– Reduce the volume of your device

Level 117: Win the fight!
– Take the sign YOU and place it over the other person

Level 118: Find all items in the picture
– Find all eleven items on the picture.

Level 119: Defeat the monster!
– Drag the eraser to the HP bar and erase the red color on the bar

Level 120: Win the tic-tac-toe game!
– Use two finger and drag the O to the first row and tap on the button row