Brain Blow: Genius IQ Test Level 41-80

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Brain Blow: Genius IQ Test Level 41-80

Level 41: Find the number 8!
– To the right side in the middle

Level 42: Tap the dragonfly above the text!
– Drag the text under the dragonfly – then tap on the dragonfly

Level 43: Find the hidden stars
– Shake your phone

Level 44: Complete the maze and reach the end!
– Go around the maze to the Exit sign

Level 45: Wake up the bat!
– Remove the sun

Level 46: Light the 3rd lamp
– Light up lamp number 4

Level 47: Why doesn’t this cat catch mice?
– Zoom out

Level 48: It’s too bright! Help the boy get to sleep
– Turn down the light on your phone

Level 49: Help the squirrel get his nut.
– Hold on to the IceCube

Level 50: Find the worm!
– Behind the text (find the worm)

Level 51: Please help turn on the toaster!
– Hold on each side of the wire

Level 52: Find the largest rectangle
– Zoom out

Level 53: Put all the figures in the frames!
– drag each figures in the frames and put the green one together with the yellow one.

Level 54: Dad’s coming! Hide the phone!
– Hold on the phone

Level 55: Help the kid eat his ice cream
– Remove the stick, then get the boy to the ice cream

Level 56: How many cats are in the room?
– Turn of the light – Answer: 5

Level 57: How many donuts do you see?
– Drag them around – Answer: 12

Level 58: How many birds are sitting on the tree?
– Shake your phone – Answer: 0

Level 59: Who’s the killer? Solve the crime!
– Turn off the light a few times, then you find the killer

Level 60: How do you build a ship in a bottle?
– Shake you phone

Level 61: The boy lost his penny! Where is it?
– Open the dog food – Give it to the dog and find the coin

Level 62: Find the bear!
– Drag the woman to the green spot

Level 63: Beat John in tic-tac-toe to keep going!
– Drag your round circle down to two spots

Level 64: What is the minimum number of cuts needed to cut the circle into 8 equal parts?
– Answer: 1

Level 65: Beat the level
– Drag the text down and then walk over

Level 66: Make it so the river flows
– Click many times on the rock

Level 67: Empty the glass
– Shake your phone

Level 68: Turn the light on!
– Hold a finger on the battery and the light bulb

Level 69: Push the button!
– Remove the blue arrow and click on the button

Level 70: Hit the target with all darts
– Tap fast but be aware the dark target move different ways

Level 71: Help the baby fall asleep
– Swing slowly your mobile

Level 72: Find the cat!
– Drag the yarn wrench in front of the cat

Level 73: Tap the red square 10 times and then the green square 5 times
– Do as told, but be aware the color might change

Level 74: Feed the piglet
– Remove the mother pig and feed the baby

Level 75: Set the Christmas Tree alight!
– Zoom out and then place the gasoline and set it on fire

Level 76: Put 4 apples into the basket
– Shake your phone and then remove the tree

Level 77: Continue the sequence
– Answer: 34

Level 78: Open the chest
– Just swipe the chest up, then it will open

Level 79: Push the red button!
– Hold the red button with one finger and press with another

Level 80: Is the glass half full or half empty?
– Press on both.