Brain Blow: Genius IQ Test Level 1-40

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Brain Blow: Genius IQ Test Level 1-40

Level 1: Find the biggest object on the screen
– Watermelon

Level 2: Find the apple that’s different
– Try dragging all the apples to find the different apples.

Level 3: What’s the highest?
– The Sun

Level 4: Find something you can’t eat.
– Move the chicken off of its nest and then tap on the nest

Level 5: Which cup will fill up first?
– Answer is 5

Level 6: Guess the number under the token
– Answer is 13

Level 7: Find the hiding duckling!
– Grab and shake

Level 8: Find the largest fire
– Put all together

Level 9: Which shape has the most sides?
– Answer is a circle

Level 10: How many triangles are there in the pentagram?
– Total is 11

Level 11: Which hand is out of place?
– The hand on the right

Level 12: Help the baby kitten drink milk
– Drag the milk to the baby kitten

Level 13: What’s the darkest color on the screen?
– Answer is Black

Level 14: What color prevails here?
– Answer is White

Level 15: How many hairs are left on grandpa’s head?
– Swipe his hair and count = 3

Level 16: Find the baby duck!
– Lower right site

Level 17: Breakfast time! Find what you can eat.
– Put the sun, cloud and two disconnected flowers on the pan

Level 18: How many bugs do you see?
– Move the rock and count = 9

Level 19: Hit the jackpot!
– Put the 10 heart on the table

Level 20: Wake up the kitten.
– Tap on the kittens paw a few times

Level 21: It’s a race! Help the piglet win!
– Hold down the chicken and the dog and press start

Level 22: Find something you can eat
– Put the bucket, the left flower, and the bone together

Level 23: Get to the bone!
– Move the bone to the dog

Level 24: Put everything in the box
– Put everything in the box

Level 25: Buy an elephant
– Press on “buy”

Level 26: Put the square into the frame
– Use 2 fingers to make the square smaller, then put it in the frame

Level 27: How many ants do you see on the screen?
– Zoom in on the rock and count = 16

Level 28: Put all the coins in the piggy bank. How many coins are in there now?
– Put the coins in the piggy and then press a few times on it and count the coins

Level 29: How many goats do you see on the screen?
– Count them = 13

Level 30: Whack-a-mole!
– Drag the mole out with one finger and then drag it to the hammer

Level 31: Can you solve the equation?
– Drag the middle line through the 7 over to the ? to make it a 2

Level 32: Find 8 animals in the picture
– Tap a few times on the cloud, then tap on all the animals

Level 33: What number will the hour hand point to in 4 hours?
– Answer is 3

Level 34: Find book No6
– Tap on book number 9

Level 35: Find the hexagon
– Put the trapezoid on top of the square

Level 36: Correct the equation
– Wipe the bottom right on the R

Level 37: How many ice cream cones do you see?
– Move them around and count = 11

Level 38: Correct the directions
– Turn your phone the right way

Level 39: What’s the number under the car?
– Answer is 87

Level 40: Find the mother duck
– Move down on the screen to find the mother duck