Busy Brain: Mind Booster Level 46-65

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Busy Brain: Mind Booster – Game Level 46-65

Level 46: Assemble a raccoon
– Assemble a raccoon

Level 47: How much do all 3 animals weigh?
– Answer: 27

Level 48: It’s time to sleep. Turn off the light.
– Tilt your mobile.

Level 49: How many squares are there?
– Answer: 0

Level 50: Help the snail reach the exit
– Help the snail

Level 51: Find the odd die.
– Right side in the middle

Level 52: Solve the puzzle
– Answer: 0

Level 53: Find a fox
– place 4 things together, ears, nose, round thing, and the brown thing.

Level 54: What color will their kittens be?
– Pull the answers together

Level 55: Tap the right dog
– Slide the screen, there is another dog.

Level 56: Rearrange 2 matches to get exactly 7 squares.
– take the two to the left and place in the right square

Level 57: Assemble a panda
– Assemble a panda – place the pieces in the right place.

Level 58: Rearrange 3 matches to get exactly 3 squares.
– Place the two-button matches on each side of the matches model

Level 59: Put all the colored shapes into the borders on the right side
– Third can be fixed in the first figure

Level 60: How many letters will remain if ‘A’ and ‘T’ are removed from the alphabet?
– Answer: 5

Level 61: Let the dog sit on the sofa
– Move the painting with two fingers, the girl will go to fix it.

Level 62: Spot all the differences.
– Move all pieces, you will find different ones.

Level 63: Find the skates.
– Find the skates – take the red heart, stick, button cup and place them together

Level 64: The shop is closed. How do you get inside?
– Tap on the word ‘close’ and remove it and rewrite ‘open’

Level 65: Find these objects in the coffee house.
– First one – left side in the middle
– Mustard – next to the ketchup
– Croissant – behind the woman
– Salt – on the shelf