Busy Brain: Mind Booster Level 26-45

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Busy Brain: Mind Booster – Game Level 26-45

Level 26: Who’s hiding in the cage?
– Slide the screen left to right, pigeon is hiding

Level 27: Put 5 coins into the moneybox. How many coins are in there?
– Put 5 coins in the money box, now tap 2-3 times on the moneybox it will break, now just count all the coins, there are 9 coins

Level 28: Solve the equation.
– Answer is 15

Level 29: Find a cat under the text
– Drag the question text upon the cat

Level 30: Find a mushroom
– Take the rabbit stomach and the red top + the small dots together

Level 31: How many squares do you see?
– Answer: 17 squares

Level 32: How many months have 28 days?
– Answer: 12 months

Level 33: Hoe many cuts are needed to cut the circle into 8 equal pieces?
– Answer: 1 cut

Level 34: Remove 3 matches to make 3 triangles.
– Remove them in the middle

Level 35: Assemble a bird
– Assemble it by place all the pieces together.

Level 36: Build a rectangle!
– Move the square half of the screen.

Level 37: Help the fisherman catch a fish.
– Take the worm to the fishing root

Level 38: Drive the bus through the abyss
– Drag the question text and make a bridge.

Level 39: Open the bottle.
– Shake your phone

Level 40: Count the hairs.
– Answer is 7

Level 41: How many facets does the gem have?
– Answer is 10

Level 42: Solve the puzzle.
– Box = 5

Level 43: Make this equation correct.
– Move the question number

Level 44: Heads or tails?
– Merge the heads or tails.

Level 45: Pass the roadblock.
– Just zoom the roadblock with your two fingers.