Busy Brain: Mind Booster Level 1-25

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Busy Brain: Mind booster – Inside out challenge

Level 1: Which one is bigger?
– Answer is: Pineapple

Level 2: Assemble a fish.
– Assemble the fish

Level 3: Which is closest to Earth?
– Earth

Level 4: Spot the difference!
– Move the pieces and find the difference

Level 5: Which building is the tallest?
– The Paris building

Level 6: Help the mother hen get some rest.
– Give the red cloth to the other hen.

Level 7: Pack the essentials for the camping trip.
– Put all the things in the backpack

Level 8: What number is under the car?
– Move the car – Answer is 8

Level 9: Help the bear get some honey.
– Increase the length of the ladder.

Level 10: This baby elephant is so lonely. How can we cheer him up?
– Copy the elephant

Level 11: Help Nick cross the river.
– Slide the water – there is a bridge.

Level 12: Find the cutest!
– All of them

Level 13: How many tacos?
– Answer is: 9 Tacos

Level 14: Count the cats
– Answer is: 11 cats

Level 15: Who’s the slowest?
– The snail in the tree

Level 16: Tap the numbers in order:
– 117, 24, 39, 14, 142, 106

Level 17: Where is the mouse?
– Take the pieces together, then there is a mouse

Level 18: Find every 9.
– Tap 9 in the text

Level 19: Help the snail win the race!
– Slide the screen, then put the fire in front of the truck, start the race

Level 20: Help rock win.
– Put the scissors over the paper, then rock over scissors

Level 21: Find the odd person.
– Second lady in the middle row.

Level 22: We need 9 donuts.
– Turn the number 9 down to 6

Level 23: Save both mice.
– Put the red cloth on the eagle’s eyes

Level 24: push the button 1000 times.
– Make 1000 to 1, then click 1 time.

Level 25: Make something tasty from this scene.
– Remove the landscape, then make an egg.