Who Is Imposter? Level 143-160

YouTube video

Level 143: Where is a laptop?
– Left side of the picture

Level 144: Who is vegan?
– Drag the chicken in front of each person

Level 145: Help the cat escape.
– Solve this by moving the other objects

Level 146: Who is rich?
– click where the man tears

Level 147: Escape the room
– Click on the picture on the wall and take the paper, code is: vnmn

Level 148: Who broke the glass?
– Tap on each hands

Level 149: Sort pieces of macaroon by color
– sort them by blue, green and pink

Level 150: Who is snoring?
– Click on the pillow and the earplugs

Level 151: Clean the window
– Drag the yellow thing around to clean the window

Level 152: Who should she marry?
– Click on the picture in the background and find the wanted person, then click on the man in blue suit

Level 153: Match emojis for the best match.
– shoe to shoe – phone to phone – money to money

Level 154: Who is not a human?
– take the thermometer to each person

Level 155: Who is Japanese?
– The last one

Level 156: Who is a ghost?
– try to take each person through the wall

Level 157: Help the cat escape
– Solve this by moving the other objects

Level 158: Who is allergic?
– Drag the bush to each person

Level 159: Find the treasure!
– Solve the puzzle on the door

Level 160: What’s the baby’s gender?
– Jump the balloons by clicking on them, answer: boy.