Who Is Imposter? Level 122-142

YouTube video

Level 122: Who is a betrayer?`
– Remove the pumpkin

Level 123: Draw lines or shapes to bump the balls.
– Make some lines to bump the 2 balls together

Level 124: Who broke the mother’s vase?
– Click on the yellow shirt and the flower in his hair, Answer: B

Level 125: Escape the room
– Tap on the bed and find the code: 1810

Level 126: Where is the murder weapon hidden?
– Remove the bushes and use the shovel to dig in the yellow thing.

Level 127: Who was the president of the United States?
– Place the picture of Donald Trump in the frame

Level 128: Who is a ninja?
– Place each ninja in the water, to find the right one.

Level 129: Where is a cup of coffee?
– In the right corner.

Level 130: Which is a real sunflower?
– Move the sun to the other side

Level 131: Help the cat escape
– Solve this by moving the other objects

Level 132: Who is his soulmate?
– Take the phone and place it on each person, Answer: C

Level 133: Find the treasure!
– Solve the puzzles on the door

Level 134: Who is wanted?
– Place the hat, glasses, and scarf on the last man

Level 135: Sort pieces of sushi by color
– Place each color on each plate

Level 136: Which is his cat?
– Click on the cat hair on the man’s shirt

Level 137: Who is Indian?
– Woman in the middle

Level 138: Who is a culprit?
– Click on the paper on the ground, then tap the code on the safebox

Level 139: Solve this puzzle!
– Man + Barrels = frankenstein

Level 140: Who is a theft?
– Each person have to cross the metal detector

Level 141: Who is real samurai?
– Tap on each person

Level 142: Who is cheating in the exam?
– Turn the teacher around.