DOP 2: Delete One Part Level 1-30

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DOP 2: Delete One Part Game Level 1-30

Level 1: Shave me!
– Delete the beard

Level 2: Make the flower happy
– Delete the sky

Level 3: Where’s the money?
– Delete the safebox to the left

Level 4: Summon the jinn
– Delete the dirt on it

Level 5: Choose the right answer
– Delete the green number 8

Level 6: Make them happy
– Delete the spikes on the cactus

Level 7: Find the rocker
– Delete the hat

Level 8: What is lumberjack hiding?
– Delete his clothes

Level 9: Help them watch the football
– Delete the curtain

Level 10: Share them equally
– Delete the sausage in the middle

Level 11: What is she hiding?
– Delete the top

Level 12: Find the rabbit.
– Delete the cloth on the table

Level 13: Wipe off the makeup
– Delete the makeup

Level 14: Find the mistake
– Delete the number zero

Level 15: The wife is hiding something
– Delete the carpet

Level 16: Shape as in the photo
– Delete the clay

Level 17: Make him kind
– Delete the eyebrow

Level 18: Use your imagination
– Delete the glass in the mirror

Level 19: Improve the eyesight
– Delete the glass on the glasses

Level 20: Erase the excess
– Delete the snickers shoe

Level 21: Help with the car
– Delete the garage door

Level 22: Get ready for sleep
– Delete the hair, makeup and clothes

Level 23: How can the red car get out?
– Delete the black car

Level 24: Get rid of the evidence
– Delete the video surveillance

Level 25: Assemble the light bulb
– Delete the bottom of the bottle and the bottom of the balloon

Level 26: What is the cat hiding?
– Delete the purple color

Level 27: Find the letter P
– Delete the stick on the letter R

Level 28: Save the girl
– Delete the saw

Level 29: Who’s the murderer?
– Delete the front of the oven

Level 30: Find the pirate
– Delete on part of the sunglasses