DOP 2: Delete One Part Level 30-60

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DOP 2: Delete One Part Game Level 30-60

Level 30: Find the pirate
– Delete on part of the sunglasses

Level 31: Create a sculpture
– Delete the stone

Level 32: Mirror, mirror on the wall
– Delete the blanket from the mirror

Level 33: Erase the excess
– Delete the grey planet

Level 34: Who doesn’t need a cone?
– Delete the cone on the man

Level 35: Find the lover
– Delete the small drawer door and then delete the blue blanket inside

Level 36: Erase and win
– Delete the 3 grey dollar squares to the left

Level 37: Help listen to the music
– Delete the cable on the headphones

Level 38: Modernize it
– Delete the tv

Level 39: Erase the excess
– Delete the first one with sad eyes

Level 40: 12-8 =
– Delete the right side of the candlestick

Level 41: What is wrong here?
– Delete the stones

Level 42: Scare the girl
– Delete the glass door

Level 43: Erase the excess
– Delete the tail

Level 44: Find the brains
– Delete the pumpkin and the hair

Level 45: Erase the sadness
– Delete the word: Sadness

Level 46: Find the werewolf
– Delete the sky from the moon

Level 47: Destroy the UFO
– Delete the bags from the air balloon

Level 48: Print the page
– Delete the top of the machine

Level 49: Save the girl
– Delete the curtain from the window

Level 50: Help the elephant fly away
– Delete the number on the weight

Level 51: Find a shelter
– Delete the stone in front of the man

Level 52: What is he hiding?
– Delete the bush in front of him

Level 53: Help!
– Delete the shark

Level 54: Save from the heat
– Delete the top of the car

Level 55: Erase the excess
– Delete the green hand

Level 56: Help the turtle to win
– Delete the white stripes on the rabbit side

Level 57: Let them talk
– Delete the router

Level 58: Amaze the girl
– Delete the blanket on his hand

Level 59: Put out a fire
– Delete the red fire hydrant

Level 60: How many drinks?
– Delete the thing on the left side, to make it number 6