Skip Love Level 21-40 Answers

YouTube video

Level 21 – Place the dog near the two people sitting on the bench

Level 22 – Remove the cloth from the table and find the lipstick

Level 23 – Give the monkey a banana, then move the rope to the left

Level 24 – Give the flowers to the other woman

Level 25 – Click many times on the tree

Level 26 – Place the cat in front of the dog, then you can open the door

Level 27 – Tap many times on the shark

Level 28 – Tap on the bush to see what’s behind it, then make the other bush bigger

Level 29 – Place the two people in the dark

Level 30 – Turn the Gartner around

Level 31 – Give the popcorn to the other woman

Level 32 – Break the glass on the ground

Level 33 – Open the green present under the tree

Level 34 – Take the clown costume from the clown

Level 35 – Take the cloth from the bed over the man, to make him a ghost

Level 36 – Open the suitcase, then take the skirt and hat on the man

Level 37 – Replace the flowers with the old sock

Level 38 – Open the wardrobe, to find the other girl

Level 39 – Turn the fan, then the man isn’t that strong

Level 40 – Take the seaweed and place it on the man’s head