Skip Love Level 41-60 Answers

YouTube video

Level 41 – Close the purple door

Level 42 – Give the dog, the man’s food

Level 43 – Take the painting and pour it beside the man

Level 44 – Drag the mirror around, to find the other girl

Level 45 – Place the hotdog bar in front of the girl

Level 46 – Drag the cake into the man’s face

Level 47 – Break the ladder and place the other woman next to the man

Level 48 – Click on the books on the bookshelf

Level 49 – Take the balloons in front of the man  on the bench

Level 50 – Click on the cloud, then it begins to snow

Level 51 – Drag the crocodile to the fishing rod

Level 52 – Place the girl in the bush

Level 53 – Click on the white open sign, then the red button

Level 54 – Cut the rope, then the ship is sailing

Level 55 – Click on the up sign on the elevator, then place the girl in the elevator

Level 56 – Move the time on the clock

Level 57 – Place the banana peel in front of the man

Level 58 – Turn the TV off, then it will be dark

Level 59 – Place the water on the ground in front of the woman

Level 60 – Turn the woman in the background around