Skip Love Level 1-20 Answers

YouTube video

Level 1 – Place the bucket over the door

Level 2 – Move the ice bar down to the other girl

Level 3 – Make the bush bigger

Level 4 – Turn the woman around

Level 5 – Give the flowers to the other girl

Level 6 – Click on the cloud, then it will begin to rain

Level 7 – Turn on the garden hose

Level 8 – Click on the grey direction

Level 9 – Move the man and woman to the car

Level 10 – Click on the painting on the wall

Level 11 – Turn on the light, by clicking on the green button

Level 12 – Hide the woman in the fridge

Level 13 – Place the dog over the bush

Level 14 – Remove the curtain and find the man

Level 15 – Click on the ice until it breaks

Level 16 – Put the lipstick and blanket in the fire

Level 17 – Remove the wig from the woman

Level 18 – Put water in the hole, then place the mask on the man

Level 19 – Bind the rope to the other side of the bridge and then click on the sign.

Level 20 – Click on the wooden drawer and then place the banana in the door opening