Mondstadt General Goods

Blanche from Mondstadt General Goods sells a variety of cooking ingredients, including common staples like salt, pepper, onions, tomatoes, cabbages, potatoes, and wheat. She also sells a few prepared dishes, such as Radish Veggie Soup, Steak, and Jewelry Soup. Blanche’s shop is a convenient place to stock up on ingredients for your culinary adventures in Mondstadt.

Blanche Shopkeeper Mondstadt General Goods

What is Blanche from Mondstadt General Goods selling?

Salt60A savory seasoning. A precise but adequate amount will elevate the quality of the cuisine.
Pepper80Peppery. Cuts through oily flavors and excites the taste buds. Goes best on meat.
Onion 80 A spherical vegetable. As vengeance for cutting it, it will make you cry, no matter how brave you are.
Milk100Sweet and fragrant cow’s milk. Don’t waste a single drop, not even that one rolling down your chin.
Tomato120A bright red ingredient that gives a tangy kick. Yes, the “fruit or vegetable” debate is still going
Cabbage120A layered, leafy vegetable. Said to have originally been an ornamental plant, it certainly looks great in the pot.
Potato120A chunky vegetable. A gift from the earth that you never tire of with its multitude of cooking methods.
Wheat100Golden, sun-kissed tassels. Needs to be ground down to flour for further use.

Where is Blanche Shopkeeper located?

Blanche Shopkeeper Mondstadt General Goods Location

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