How to Install and Use MAMP

MAMP is a piece of software there allows you to host I local server, you can use this for example to test PHP Code. You will need a server to test PHP because its server side and MAMP allows you to host a server locally.

I made a video there shows you how to install the program

YouTube video

or the download link is here 

MAMP a local host server software

Its very simple to use just press start server, and then click open start page.

Your browser will open and then click “My Website”,  remember to save the file/files in the htdocs folder which is located “C:\MAMP\htdocs” by default.  Then you should be able to see your files inside MAMP.

How to get MAMP to show errors?

First, you need to open MAMP and click open start page.

Then click phpinfo and find out where the conf file is located, look for Loaded Configuration File.


Locate the file and open it in an editor I am using Dreamweaver, but netbeans or something else can be used too.  Then located display_errors and display_startup_errors inside the document and set them to “on”.

MAMP Show errors on