How To Use Admin Password In Game Palworld

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Being an admin in Palworld allows you to manage the game world more effectively by using various admin commands. After setting an admin password for your Palworld Dedicated Server, using it in-game is a straightforward process. This guide will explain how to use your admin password in-game to access admin privileges.

  1. Open the Chat: Start by launching Palworld and entering your game world. Once in the game, open the chat window by pressing the ‘Enter’ key. This brings up the chat input field where you can type commands.
  2. Enter Admin Password Command: In the chat input field, type /AdminPassword, followed by a space, and then the admin password you set in your server configuration. For example, if your admin password is ‘theAdminPassWord’, you would type /AdminPassword theAdminPassWord. Make sure to replace ‘theAdminPassWord’ with the actual password you have set for your server.
  3. Gain Admin Access: After entering the command with the correct password, you will be assigned admin status in the game. This allows you to use various admin commands to manage the game world, players, and server settings.

By following these steps, you can easily use your admin password to access admin privileges in Palworld. Being an admin enables you to execute commands that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience, especially in a multiplayer environment. Remember to use these powers responsibly for the benefit of all players in the game.