How To Show/Hide Result Count Shop Astra Theme

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Displaying the number of results on your shop page can be an effective way to inform customers about the range of products available, or you may prefer a cleaner look by hiding this count. If your website is using the Astra theme for WordPress, customizing this aspect is straightforward. This guide will walk you through each step to either show or hide the result count on your shop page, allowing you to tailor the appearance to match your store’s aesthetic and your customers’ needs.

  1. Log Into WordPress Backend: Begin by accessing your WordPress site’s backend. This is typically done by navigating to your website’s URL and appending /wp-admin. Here, enter your username and password to log in.
  2. Access Astra Theme Settings: Once in the WordPress dashboard, look for the ‘Astra’ option in the menu bar on the left side. This menu item is dedicated to settings and customizations specific to the Astra theme.
  3. Enter Theme Customizer: In the Astra theme settings, you’ll find a link or button labeled ‘Go to Customizer’. Clicking this will redirect you to the WordPress Customizer, a live preview interface where you can make various adjustments to your theme.
  4. Navigate to WooCommerce Section: In the Customizer, scroll through the options until you find ‘WooCommerce’. Click on this section to access settings related to your online store.
  5. Open Product Catalog Settings: Within the WooCommerce section, look for and select the ‘Product Catalog’ option. This area controls how products are displayed in your shop, including layout and informational elements.
  6. Toggle Result Count Visibility: In the Product Catalog settings, locate the option for ‘Result Count’. Here, you can choose to show or hide the number of products/results that are being displayed on the shop page. This setting is usually a simple checkbox or a toggle.
  7. Apply and Publish Changes: After making your selection, click ‘Publish’ at the top of the Customizer. This action saves your changes and applies them to your live website.

You’ve now successfully configured the visibility of the result count on your shop page using the Astra theme. This customization allows you to control how much information is presented to your customers, aligning with your store’s design preferences and improving the overall user experience. Remember, you can easily revisit these settings to toggle the result count visibility as your website’s design or strategy evolves.