How To Show/Hide Focus Indicators In The User Interface Davinci Resolve

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Focus indicators in DaVinci Resolve are visual cues that highlight the active element in the user interface, like buttons or input fields. While these indicators can enhance navigability and accessibility, some users might prefer a cleaner look by hiding them. This guide will walk you through the steps to show or hide the focus indicators in the user interface of DaVinci Resolve, allowing you to customize the visual presentation of your workspace according to your preferences.

  1. Start DaVinci Resolve: Open your DaVinci Resolve application. Wait for the initial loading to complete and the main interface to appear.
  2. Access the Main Menu: In the top left corner of the screen, you’ll see the “DaVinci Resolve” main menu. Click on it to view the dropdown options.
  3. Open Preferences: In the dropdown menu, locate and select “Preferences”. This will open a new window where you can adjust various settings.
  4. Navigate to User Preferences: Within the Preferences window, look for the “User” tab and click on it. This section contains settings specific to your user profile.
  5. Select UI Settings: Under the User preferences, find and select “UI Settings”. This category allows you to modify aspects related to the user interface of DaVinci Resolve.
  6. Adjust Focus Indicator Settings: Scroll to the option labeled “Show Focus Indicators in the User Interface.” Here, you can control the visibility of focus indicators:
    • Choose ‘On’ to enable focus indicators. This makes elements of the interface that you’re interacting with more visible.
    • Select ‘Off’ to disable focus indicators for a cleaner, less cluttered visual experience.
  7. Save Your Preferences: After making your choice, remember to apply the changes by clicking ‘Save’ or ‘Apply’. You might need to restart DaVinci Resolve for the changes to take full effect.

Adjusting the visibility of focus indicators in DaVinci Resolve allows you to tailor the user interface to your personal preference and working style. Whether you choose to highlight interactive elements for better visibility or opt for a more streamlined interface by hiding them, this customization can enhance your interaction with the software, making your video editing experience more comfortable and efficient.