How To Change Number Of Video Tracks Davinci Resolve

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Customizing the number of video tracks in DaVinci Resolve allows you to tailor your editing workspace to suit your specific project requirements. Whether you need more layers for complex compositions or fewer tracks for simpler edits, adjusting this setting empowers you to work efficiently. Follow the straightforward steps below to learn how to change the number of video tracks in DaVinci Resolve.

  1. Start by opening DaVinci Resolve and accessing the editing workspace.
  2. Click on “Preferences” located in the top menu bar.
  3. In the Preferences window, navigate to the “Users” tab.
  4. Select “Editing” from the options listed on the left-hand side.
  5. Within the Editing settings, locate the “Number Of Video Tracks” option.
  6. Adjust the number of video tracks to your desired value. You can increase or decrease the number based on your project’s needs.