How To Install Palworld Dedicated Server On Steam

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Playing Palworld with friends or managing your own game world can be enhanced significantly by setting up a dedicated server. A dedicated server for Palworld on Steam allows you to host a private or public server, giving you control over various aspects of the game environment. This guide will walk you through the steps to install the Palworld Dedicated Server on Steam.

  1. Open Steam: Begin by launching your Steam client. Ensure you are logged in to your account.
  2. Go to Library: Navigate to your Steam library where all your games and software are listed.
  3. Search for Palworld: In the library’s search field, type in “Palworld”. Make sure you own the game and that no filters are selected which might hide the game from the list.
  4. Locate Palworld Dedicated Server Option: Look for an option or listing that says “Palworld Dedicated Server”. This is the server tool you need to install to create your own Palworld server.
  5. Right-Click and Install: Right-click on the ‘Palworld Dedicated Server’ option and select ‘Install’. This will initiate the installation process.
  6. Click OK: A prompt may appear asking for confirmation or specifying installation options. Click ‘OK’ to proceed with the installation.
  7. Wait for the Installer to Finish: The installation process will now start. Wait for it to complete. The time it takes can vary based on your internet connection and computer speed.

Once the installation is complete, you will have the Palworld Dedicated Server installed on your system. You can then proceed to set up and customize your server according to your preferences, ready to host your own games and invite friends or other players to join. Enjoy the enhanced experience of playing Palworld on your own server!