How To Get Metal In Ark Survival Evolved?

How to get metal?

Metal is a resource that is used for really many things and is an important resource in the game, but you have to make it into ingots to use it. Metal is easy to find on mountains and normal rocks, the metal rocks with most metal in looks like gold stones. You have to use a metal pickaxe or pickaxe to get them or you can tame an Ankylosaurus and use that for harvesting metal.

There are some animals that have reduced weight and that is an Ankylosaurus (85% reduced), Dunkleosteus (50% reduced), Argentavis (50% reduced), and a Ravager (50% reduced), they are good to carry all the metal. Be aware it can be dangerous on the mountain, so a good idea is to have an Argentavis, that can fly you away from there.

Craft a refining forge and you can make the metal into metal ingots, so you can craft many more items. I will say that you have to craft some of them, to mass produce metal ingots, because it is a recourse that are very important and you have to use many of them late game.

What items can you craft with raw metal?

  • Compass
  • Feeding Trough
  • Ichthyosaurus Saddle
  • Toilet
  • Metal Ingot
  • Tripwire Alarm Trap
  • Wooden Table