How To Get Emerald Carpet Moss In Palia?

Emerald Carpet Moss

Emerald Carpet Moss in Palia is a gathering material that is used to craft various furniture items. It can be found in a few different locations around Kilima Village, but it is most commonly found at night.

Locations for Emerald Carpet Moss

  • Fisherman’s Lagoon: This is a large body of water located in the southern part of Kilima Village. Emerald Carpet Moss can be found growing in the grassy areas around the lagoon, especially near the docks.
  • Kilima coast: The coast of Kilima Village is another good place to look for Emerald Carpet Moss. It can be found growing in the grass and along the cliffs.
  • Fields near the docks to the southwest: There are a few fields located just southwest of the docks in Kilima Village. Emerald Carpet Moss can be found growing in the grass in these fields.

Emerald Carpet Moss will appear as a small, glowing patch of moss on the ground. You can harvest it by simply walking over it. Each patch of moss will yield one Emerald Carpet Moss.

Tips for finding Emerald Carpet Moss:

  • Look for it at night: Emerald Carpet Moss is more common at night than it is during the day. If you’re having trouble finding it, try heading out after dark.
  • Use your gathering tools: You can use your gathering tools to help you find Emerald Carpet Moss. Your gathering tools will highlight any nearby gathering materials, making it easier to spot them.
  • Ask other players: If you’re still having trouble, try asking other players for help. They may be able to point you to some good locations to find Emerald Carpet Moss.

With a little patience and effort, players can easily gather enough Emerald Carpet Moss to craft the furniture items they need.