How To Get Copper Ore In Valheim

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Where to find Copper Ore in Valheim?

Copper ores can be found all around in the Black Forest biome. They look like big copper color stones and are easy to find.

The Copper ores will respawn after some time, but only if you not waiting on them, you have to move away and do other things while they are respawning.

How to mine Copper Ore?

You can use any pickaxe to mine the Copper ores, but the best start pickaxe to mine Copper is an Antler pickaxe and then make better ones later.
But remember that Copper ores weigh a lot and your character can not carry so much.

Then how do you get the Antler pickaxe?

The first real pickaxe is the Antler pickaxe and you will get it from defeating the first boss Eikthyr.

What can I use Copper for?

Copper Ores is a material that you should smelt into Copper bars and for that, you need a Smelter.
To smelt into Copper bars you need Coal as fuel for the smelter.

From Copper bars, you can craft a lot of new things: weapons, armor, and better tools. You can also forge Bronze from Tin and Copper.

How to smelt Copper ingots?
Place the Copper ores into the smelter and then put coal into the other side of the smelter. You can make coal by burning meat or in a kiln. Wait for a few minutes, then the Copper bar will drop out in the front of the smelter. TIP: when you have 6 Copper bars you can make a forge.

One important thing to know is that you can not teleport Copper ores to other places.