How To Get Coal In Palworld

Coal in Palworld is a crucial resource, used for crafting various items, including tools, weapons, and structures. While it’s not as readily available as other resources, you can obtain coal through two main methods: gathering and crafting.

Gathering Coal

  1. Locate Coal Deposits: Coal deposits are primarily found in the desert region of Palworld. These deposits are dark-colored, angular rocks scattered throughout the sandy dunes.
  2. Equip Suitable Gear: Before heading into the desert, ensure you have heat-resistant armor to protect yourself from the harsh climate.
  3. Obtain a Strong Pickaxe: For efficient coal mining, equip a metal pickaxe or higher. These tools break down coal deposits more quickly and efficiently.
  4. Mine Coal Deposits: Approach a coal deposit and interact with it using your pickaxe. The pickaxe will break down the deposit, revealing coal pieces.

Crafting Coal

  1. Unlock Primitive Furnace: Reach level 10 and unlock the Primitive Furnace crafting station. This station allows you to transform wood into charcoal, a type of coal.
  2. Gather Required Materials: To craft charcoal, you’ll need 2 pieces of wood and 3 flame organs. Wood is easily obtainable from trees, while flame organs are acquired from various sources, including defeating certain enemy Pals or purchasing them from merchants.
  3. Construct the Primitive Furnace: Once you have the required materials, head to your base and construct the Primitive Furnace using the Build menu.
  4. Assign a Kindling Pal: Place the Primitive Furnace and assign a Kindling Pal to it. Kindling Pals have the ability to operate crafting stations, including the furnace.
  5. Craft Charcoal: Approach the Primitive Furnace and interact with it while your Kindling Pal is assigned. Select the “Craft” option and choose Charcoal from the list. The furnace will process the wood and flame organs into charcoal.

Using Coal

Coal has various applications in Palworld, including:

  1. Crafting Tools and Weapons: Charcoal is a key ingredient in crafting various tools and weapons, including pickaxes, shovels, axes, and spears. These tools enhance your ability to gather resources, build structures, and combat enemies.
  2. Fueling Boilers: Coal is used to fuel boilers, which generate steam power for various purposes. Steam power can drive machines, power furnaces, and even operate airships.

Additional Tips for Using Coal

  1. Establish a Base in the Desert: Setting up your base in the desert region provides easy access to coal deposits.
  2. Train Kindling Pals: Train your Kindling Pals to increase their crafting efficiency, reducing the time and effort required to craft charcoal.
  3. Utilize Palboxes: Deploy Palboxes near coal deposits to store your gathered coal, allowing you to quickly transport resources back to your base.
  4. Explore Coal-Rich Locations: Seek out areas with abundant coal deposits, such as Mount Obsidian, to maximize your coal-gathering efficiency.

Remember, coal is a valuable resource in Palworld, so manage your supply wisely and utilize it for crafting essential tools, weapons, and infrastructure. With careful planning and efficient resource management, you’ll have a steady supply of coal to fuel your adventures and industrial endeavors.